Red Kampot Pepper
Red Kampot Pepper
Red Kampot Pepper
Red Kampot Pepper

Red Kampot Pepper

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By Berlin-based sustainable food trading brand Conflictfood. 

Kampot pepper, renowned globally for its fruity and fiery aroma, holds a protected designation of origin, akin to Parmigiano from Italy or Champagne from France. This recognition is exclusive to premium pepper grown under strict guidelines in Cambodia's Kampot and Kep provinces, such as those cultivated by our partners at Sindora Garden. The creeper, shielded from intense sun, yields berries over three years, changing from green to fully ripe, bright red. For red pepper, carefully picked deep red berries are quickly heated to retain color, then sun-dried. With noble spiciness, floral and fruity notes, Red Kampot enhances autumn dishes, roast goose, game, and desserts with sweet fruits like mango or honeydew melon.

What is included in the package:
- 33 g of whole Red Kampot peppercorn packaged in airtight glass
- 'Voices of Cambodia' Journal

Keep dry and out of direct sunlight.

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Behind the brand

Conflict Food

Conflict Food is a Berlin-based 'slow' start-up with the goal of supporting people in crisis regions through fair trade. By directly engaging in trade with the farmers in conflict areas, people are empowered and stories of culinary cultures are passed on.

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