Founded by Colombian designer Mariana Vieira, Atlas operates through an exclusive collaboration with indigenous communities. Mariana employs a participatory design approach, exchanging knowledge on traditional and modern production techniques. Through this method, she not only preserves century-old craftsmanship but also transforms it into functional art, furniture, and interior design pieces for everyday use.

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    Atlas was founded by the Colombian designer Mariana Vieira. The Colombian industrial designer carries the culture of her country in her veins and constantly reinterprets it in her work. She rescues, designs, and produces everyday objects with a representative local identity. Her adventurous spirit leads her to tour the country in a holistic way that has allowed her to create unique experiences and pieces.

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    FOUNDER: Mariana Vieira

    TEAM: 4 full-time employees + 50 artisans

    LOCATION: Bogotá, Colombia

    MATERIALS: Gualdrapa tapestry fabrics

    Atlas partners with Wayuu communities led by Cecilia Acosta in La Guajira, Colombia. With over 140,000 Wayuu in Colombia and 290,000 in Venezuela, women play a vital role in their households by generating income through weaving. This tradition originates from Waleker, a spider who taught Wayuu women to weave. Upon reaching adolescence, girls undergo 'blanqueo,' a rite where they learn womanhood, including weaving and crocheting using elements of their society and natural surroundings.

    Atlas also employs the century-old Gualdrapa tapestry technique, originally used to decorate horse saddles for races or special occasions. When this technique is applied, horizontal loom spans and each cotton thread is lifted by hand creating a thick high-quality fabric.

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