Sevar Studios

SEVAR Studios combines traditional Afghan jewelry craftsmanship with timeless design. Their profits go into a goldsmith training program for young women in Afghanistan, implemented by the NGO Visions for Children eV.

Sina Bracelet by Sevar Studios at White Label Project
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    Meet Wana & Hila Limar

    Wana and Hila Limar's journey to establish their jewelry brand took a unique path, influenced by their connection with the non-profit organization Visions for Children.

    Wana, actively involved with the organization for years, serves as a moderator, influencer, and creative force. Meanwhile, Hila has been the chairwoman of the board since 2018. Based in Hamburg, this organization is committed to improving educational conditions in schools within crisis and conflict zones, with a focus on Afghanistan – the Limar sisters' place of origin.

    As their involvement grew, the sisters contemplated how to offer educational opportunities for young Afghan girls after completing their schooling.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Wana & Hila Limar

    TEAM: Limar sisters, goldsmith Milad Zamani, and Afghan women and girls artisans

    LOCATION: Kabul, Afghanistan & Hamburg, Germany

    MATERIALS: .925 silver, intensely dark blue lapis lazuli, 14k gold-plated finish

    All profits of Sevar Studios are reinvested in apprenticeship programs for young Afghan women with Visions for Children e.V., a registered non-profit association from Hamburg led by Hila Limar. Even though, currently women are not allowed to be employed at the moment, they continue their work.

    "We were convinced from the beginning that we would remain active in Afghanistan. We are doing everything in our power to support the local population, because anything else would mean that we too would give up," explains Wana Limar.

    "If there is currently no opportunity for women to do an apprenticeship, then we still support women indirectly because we create jobs. Every man who has a job is also a brother, a son, a husband and is accordingly also responsible for many women in his community and family."

    Therefore, Sevar Studios label is not just another jewelry brand. They have set theirselves the goal of financially supporting the training of young women in Afghanistan to become goldsmiths. Through this collaboration, Afghan women can be supported to achieve financial independence and shape their own future.