Lorne is a multi-faceted jewelry design studio, founded by Gillian Lawrence, based in Cape Town, South Africa. The brand specializes in minimalist yet organically shpaed silver- and gold-plated jewelry as well as more elaborate editorial and show-piece jewelry. The label's diversity, originality, and distinctive style have established a lasting and recognizable aesthetic.

Poik Earrings by Lorne at White Label Project
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    Gillian founded Lorne with the mission to promote sustainability in the jewelry industry by renewing and recycling old pieces and offering unique jewelry designs at a fraction of the cost of new ones. The collection features carefully sourced and selected pieces for maximum aesthetic value and quality.

    Wide Shank Cig Ring by Lorne at White Label Project
    Paired Earrings — Silver by Lorne at White Label Project
    Mirror Earrings II by Lorne at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Gillian Lawrence

    TEAM: founder + 1 full-time employee

    LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

    MATERIALS: Silver-and gold-plated brass, bronze

    "Our pieces are mangled and misshapen, their beauty defined by their uniqueness. Warped and tangled brass, squeezed into an endless array of shapes. Knobbly and bulging freshwater pearls: precious minerals molded by the elements in the mouths of oysters. Sketches and doodles in metal, as spontaneous as they are unrepeatable. Ornamental oddities found at junk sales or picked up on the street, hand-cast in brass and given new life."

    Gillian Lawrence