Meet La Marea

Natalia Mustafá and Sofía Restrepo founded La Marea in 2016 after a trip to Chocó, Colombia. This contemporary jewelry brand breaks traditional standards by using seashells, stones, and other elements from beaches worldwide. Each collection represents a specific beach, capturing the organic textures of materials. La Marea celebrates imperfection, reflecting the strength and true beauty of the sea. The jewelry embodies a feminine strength that is not necessarily delicate but can be strong, rough, natural, and irregular.

FOUNDERS: Natalia Mustafá & Sofía Restrepo

TEAM: Founders

LOCATION: Bogota, Colombia

MATERIALS: gold, sterling silver, glass, stones

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    About the founder

    Natalia Mustafá and Sofía Restrepo

    Natalia Mustafá and Sofía Restrepo founded La Marea in 2016 after a trip to Chocó, Colombia. Both love collecting objects from the sea, creating molds of their structures, and crafting unique jewelry models, preserving the breaks, irregularities, reliefs, and singularities of each beach find. Each element tells a story, representing the narratives nature carries within.

    In the future, Sofia and Natalia plan to design pieces that raise awareness about water pollution. They are aware that many objects carried by the waves are non-biodegradable waste that causes changes and destroys ecosystems. Their aim is to remind people of the care the ocean needs, drawing inspiration from its mysteries.

    Story & Highlights

    La Marea's jewelry is crafted for women who embrace their natural beauty, rejecting stereotypes. It caters to those seeking pieces to complement and empower their authenticity—women with the wisdom to see every life experience as an opportunity for personal growth. La Marea's jewelry conveys the serenity of the beach, bringing the tranquility of water and the warmth of orange sunsets to the city.