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The Bogotá Issue

The Bogotá Issue - White Label Project

Where Colombian craftsmanship and avant-garde creativity merge

Experience the vibrant and culturally rich capital of Colombia, Bogotá, where local design, art, and gastronomy collide. Bogotá has captured our hearts - with its colorful splendor, fascinating design, and culinary delights, it is an absolute must to visit this city full of attractions. If you're looking for unique places to explore culture, art, and design, stroll through the vibrant markets with their stunning styles and creations, or experience the charm of boutique hotels, this is the place to be. We've gathered the best tips from our local tastemakers in Bogotá: Yasmin from Mola Sasa knows not only the most beautiful museums but also the tastiest restaurants; photographer Carmen Triana is well-versed in Bogotá's fashion scene, and artist Daniel Nyström is responsible for the creative aspect of this guide.


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Local Tastemakers

Yasmin Sabet

Yasmin, the creator behind Mola Sasa, has a strong foundation in architecture and design. As a Bogotá local, she's well-versed in the top city tours and offers excellent recommendations for cultural exploration and culinary delights.

Yasmin's 3 favorite places:

  • Salon Tropical
  • Gold Museum
  • Prudencia

Daniel Nyström

Daniel Nyström, artist and architect from Sweden, has lived and worked in Bogotá with his family for the past 10 years, offering insider knowledge of the city's best spots, particularly in art, design, and culture.

Daniel's 3 favorites:

  • LEO
  • Casa Aainjaa
  • El Chato Restaurant

Carmen Triana

Carmen Triana, Colombian photographer and raised in the world of culture, uses her extensive knowledge to provide insider tips for Bogotá's culinary scene. She knows both Colombian cuisine and the capital's vibrant culinary landscape like the back of her hand. Carmen's favorite places also include the best markets in Bogotá, such as Paloquemado, San Per Mendoza, and La Concordia.

  • Panadería Colorado
  • Hab Hotel 

Art, Culture & Design

Explore Bogotá with our handpicked selection of experiences from shops and bookstores to musuems and galleries. Get inspired in the creative world of La Cometa, a contemporary art gallery where you can discover the latest works by up-and-coming Colombian artists. Nearby, La Cicuta beckons with its cozy atmosphere, while Casa Aainjaa showcases indigenous art and crafts that celebrate Colombia's diverse cultural heritage. Explore the golden treasures at the Museo del Oro before taking a leisurely stroll through the streets of Candelaria and enjoy a delicious lunch at Abasto.

Shopping/Design: Ba Hué, Moblar, Alta Estudio, Casa Creciente Bogotá, St. Dom, A New Cross - Carmen's favorite brand

Museums & Galleries: Sketch, Museo Botero, La Cometa, La Cicuta, Casa Aainjaa - Daniel's favorite creative spaces, Museo del Oro - Yasmin's favorite

Architecture: Santa Clara Church - Yasmin's recommendation

Other: Librería Gabriel García Márquez, Cinemateca, Pasaje Rivas, La Comuna, NADA - Carmen's favorite bookshop


Sketch is the ideal destination for art lovers. This dynamic art space offers space for innovative art and design, seamlessly blending art with functionality. Specializing in interior design, art curation and custom art installations, Sketch Room offers a unique approach to creating captivating and individual spaces.

Museo Botero

The Museo Botero is dedicated to the works of its name giver and one of Colombia's most famous artists, Fernando Botero. Known for his exaggerated shapes and proportions, visitors can discover sculptures, paintings and drawings by Botero and other artists.

Ba Hué

This store is worth discovering! Stocked with numerous local brands, Ba Hué in Chapinero offers you a unique shopping experience, where you can explore a diverse array of products crafted with care and creativity.


Looking for local design furniture? At Moblar, you'll discover locally crafted furniture and objects designed by Carlos Saldarriaga and Maurizio Cian. The elegant studio presents these pieces uniquely and is definitely worth a visit.

Carmen's favorite: Bookstore NADA

NADA is a charming bookstore and art space in Bogotá. This inviting bookshop welcomes book lovers to browse and explore its curated selection of books, as well as enjoy exhibitions, creating a cozy haven for literary discovery.

Daniel's favorite: La Cometa

Galeria La Cometa offers a firsthand experience of modern art, making it an excellent destination for art enthusiasts with its impressive exhibitions.

Meet Yasmin and explore Colombian Indigenous Artistry at Mola Sasas Showroom

Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Colombia to translate their own traditional art forms and crafts into accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colors, textures and materials.

Discover local brands from Bogotá

Shopping in Bogotá is a special opportunity that offers more than just products - it's a chance to experience the city's unique charm and design aesthetic. From contemporary fashion labels to handcrafted home decor, Bogotá offers a wealth of creativity. Stroll through Bogotá's local stores and discover the craftsmanship of designers who combine traditional techniques with modern innovation to create unique designs, styles and products.

(c) lacomunabog

Get Inspired by the Sea's Imperfect Beauty

La Marea is a local Colombian jewelry brand from Natalia Mustafá and Sofía Restrepo. Breaking traditional norms, they craft contemporary pieces using seashells and stones from global beaches. Each collection reflects the textures of specific coastlines, celebrating the beauty of imperfection and embodying a strong, natural femininity.

Hotels & Guest Houses

Unveil Bogotá, as you step into our carefully selected hotels and guesthouses. Indulge in a world of comfort, luxury, and exquisite design, meticulously crafted to elevate your stay. From charming boutique hotels to cozy guesthouses, each accommodation promises a unique experience immersed in Bogotá's vibrant culture.

Bogotá boasts beautiful hotels, each with its own unique design but sharing one common feature: they serve as excellent retreats after a busy day in the city. Whether it's Lucitina Boutique Hotel surrounded by numerous attractions, The Orchids Hotel with its elegant style and lavish rooms, or the modern Hotel Bioxury, known for its sleek design, there's something for everyone. For those seeking a quieter escape, Casa Legado is a great option, while HAB Hotel offers a tasteful retreat. Hotel Coco even provides an exclusive pool for its guests, and Casa Leylte doubles as a fantastic food spot. Dios stands out for its impressive bathrooms.

Casa Legado, HAB Hotel, Hotel Coco, Casa Lėlytė, Dios, Bioxury Hotel, Cassa Luxury Home, Casa Lorenzo Bogota, The Orchids Hotel, Lucitania Boutique Hotel

Casa Legado

Experience Colombian charm and modern comfort at Hotel Casa Legado in the heart of Bogota. With stylish accommodation and personalized service, it is your perfect base from which to explore the vibrant city.

Carmen's favorite: HAB Hotel

The HAB Hotel in Bogotá presents a charming and stylish accommodation option with its "new concept of hospitality." Featuring tasteful decor, this hotel offers not only delicious breakfast but also a cozy garden for guests to relax in.

Hotel Coco

Hotel Coco offers modern accommodations in the heart of Bogota, allowing guests to explore the city's attractions with ease from its convenient location.

Escape to Nature's Beauty and Culinary Excellence at Oriente Restaurant

Guatavita, just an hour from Bogotá in Cundinamarca, Colombia, is famed for its natural beauty and the mythical Lake Guatavita. Nearby, the restaurant "Oriente" serves up delicious Colombian and international cuisine, making it an ideal dining spot after exploring the area. Carmen's favorite place outside of Bogotá.

Guatavita - Sesquile km 8,2, Guatavita, Cundinamarca, Colombia

Food, drinks & coffee

Bogotá's culinary diversity shines through its vibrant restaurant scene, offering everything from traditional Colombian fare to international cuisine. Whether you prefer cozy eateries or upscale dining establishments, the capital city has something to delight every taste bud.

Cafés & Bakeries: caferico, Colorado Panadería, MASA, Mistral - Yasmin's favorite places to grab a coffee or good pastry

Bars: Cocodrilo, Turmequé Bar y Cocina, SÚPER RAYO, Casa Quiebra Canto, Sandunguera

Restaurants: Salon Tropical, Prudencia, Restaurante Río, Café Bar Universal, Abasto, Casa Lelytè , Leo, El Chato, El Bandido Bistro, Testigo, Salvo Patria

Yasmin's favorite: Salon Tropical

With its chic ambience, delicious cocktails and live music that makes you dance, Salon Tropical offers the perfect setting to enjoy Bogotás vibrant flavors and atmosphere.

Yasmin's favorite: Prudencia

Prudencia in Bogotá is renowned for its modern Colombian cuisine, emphasizing fresh, seasonal ingredients in a cozy yet refined setting, perfect for those seeking an elevated dining experience.


Cocodrilo offers it all, from breakfast featuring granola to afternoon matcha, and drinks with good music late into the night. In a creative setting, you'll find everything your heart desires for a day or night out in Bogotá.

Adress Book


  • A New Cross | Cl. 69 #11a - 34, Bogotá
  • BA Hué | Cl. 11 #4-41, Bogotá
  • Casa Aainjaa | # a 32a-99,, Cl. 9 #321, Bogotá
  • Casa Creciente | Cl. 70 #9-83, Bogotá
  • Cinematica | Cra. 3 #19-10, Santa Fé, Bogotá
  • La Cicuta | Cl. 9 #1-95, La Candelaria, Bogotá
  • La Cometa | Cra 10 #94A-25, Bogotá
  • La Comuna | Cl. 69a # 4-72, Bogotá
  • Librería Gabriel García Márquez | Cl. 11 #5-60, Bogotá
  • Museo Botero | Cl. 11 #4-41, Bogotá
  • Museo del Oro | Cra. 6 #15-88, Santa Fé, Bogotá
  • NADA | Cl. 69 #10a-09, Bogotá
  • Paloquemado | Av. Cdad. de Lima #25-04, Bogotá
  • Pasaje Rivas | Cra. 10 #No. 10 - 54, Bogotá
  • Plaza Distrital de Mercado La Concordia | Cl 12c # 1 -40, Bogotá
  • San Per Mendoza | 50, Cra. 26 #22 A, Los Mártires, Bogotá
  • Santa Clara Church | Cra. 8 #8-91, Bogotá
  • Sketch | Cra. 23 #77-41, Bogotá
  • St. Dom | Cl. 79b #8-40, Bogotá


  • Bioxury Hotel | Cl. 83 #9 – 48, Bogotá
  • Casa Legado | Carrera 8#69-60, Bogotá
  • Casa Lėlytė | Hotel Casa Lélyté, Cl. 64 # 3a-29, Bogotá
  • Casa Lorenzo Bogotá | Av. Caracas #46-69, Bogotá
  • Cassa Luxury Home | Cl. 87 #19 - 21, Bogotá
  • Dios | Cra. 3 #10-54, La Candelaria, Bogotá
  • HAB Hotel | Cra. 5 # 58-07, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogotá
  • Hotel Coco | Cl. 70a #5 - 44, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogotá
  • Luciana Boutique Hotel | Cl. 69 # 9-39, Bogotá
  • The Orchids Hotel | Cra. 5 #10-55, Bogotá


  • Abasto | Cl. 118 #5-41, Bogotá
  • Café Bar Universal | Cl. 65 #4a-76, Bogotá
  • caferico | Calle 69a ### 4-72, Bogotá
  • Cocodrilo | Cra. 8 #59-11, Bogotá
  • Colorado Panadería | Calle 65bis 4-05 Chapinero Bogotá
  • El Bandido Bistro | Cl. 79b #7-12, Bogotá
  • El Chato | Nueva: Calle 65 # 4-76 Antigua: Calle 65 # 3b - 76, Bogotá
  • Leo | Cl. 65 Bis #4-23, Bogotá
  • MASA | Cra. 69b #17a-75, Bogotá
  • Mistral | Cl. 57 #4-09, Bogotá
  • Prudencia | Cra. 2 #11-34, Bogotá
  • Quiebracanto | Cra. 5 #17-76, Bogotá
  • Restaurante Río | Cl. 61 #5-20, Bogotá
  • Salón Tropical | Cra. 5 #65 - 20, Bogotá
  • Salvo Patria | Cra. 4 Bis #58-60, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogotá
  • Sandunguera | Cl. 64 #13-52, Localidad de Chapinero, Bogotá
  • SÚPER RAYO | Av José Celestino Mutis #7-58, Bogotá
  • Testigo | Cra. 9a #10-31, Bogotá
  • Turmequé Bar y Cocina | Cl. 29 Bis #5 - 66, Santa Fé, Bogotá