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Fringe is a Peruvian design brand founded by experienced fashion designer Lucy Barandiaran and is characterized by its emphasis on comfort, innovative designs within a contemporary context. This achievement is realized through exquisite yet sustainable and eco-conscious yarns, complemented by the exceptional craftsmanship of Peruvian artisans. Their collections stand out through their beautiful use of crocheting and knitting techniques using materials such as Pima Cotton and Alpaca Wool for their pieces.

FOUNDER: Lucy Barandiaran

TEAM: Founder and artisans


MATERIALS: Alpaca wool, merino wool, cotton, viscose
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    About the founder


    After having a brand in New York for almost ten years, Lucy is now focusing on revalorizing the textile’s essence of modern and versatile garments. The mix of fine Peruvian craftsmanship and luxurious fibers compose Fringe’s DNA. The use of sustainable resources and helping Peruvian artisans by providing them with work under fair labor are among our brand keys.

    Story & Highlights

    Fringe's vision is to be a responsible organization that promotes the sustainable use of natural fibers of local origin such as alpaca, cotton, merino and blends, exporting products that are of the highest quality, sustainable, with standards of social responsibility and respect for the environment.

    Fringe uses Original Peruvian cotton, known as Pima cotton, which stands apart as a superior variety compared to conventional cotton. Its distinction lies in its longer fibers, which contribute to a smoother fabric that is not only exceptionally soft to the touch but also remarkably resistant to wrinkles. Moreover, Pima cotton boasts exceptional durability, ensuring that the garments crafted from it remain in excellent condition even after repeated use and washing. This combination of luxurious comfort and robust longevity makes Pima cotton a choice material for those who appreciate both quality and style.

    Fringe also takes pride in using top-quality Peruvian Alpaca wool for their garments. Fringe's commitment to sustainability is unwavering. Fringe ensures that the wool harvesting process is environmentally responsible and doesn't harm the Alpaca herds or their habitats.