WLP City Guides


In collaboration with our community of local tastemakers all over the world, we have gathered a curation of the hottest design spots in vibrant new design destinations such as Bogota, Mumbai, Cape Town and more. Dive into White Label Project's curated travel guides and explore the world through the lens of design, craftsmanship and culture.

The Bogota Issue

Bogotá has captured our hearts - with its colorful splendor, culturally rich design scene, and culinary delights, it is a top choice on our lists of places to visit.

We've gathered the hottest spots shared with us by our local tastemakers in Bogotá: Yasmin from Mola Sasa knows not only the most beautiful museums but also the tastiest restaurants; photographer Carmen Triana is well-versed in Bogotá's design scene and unveils her insider tips on local markets, and artist Daniel Nyström shares his must-visit art and design hangout spcaes with us.

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The Mexico City Issue

It's all about Mexico City! A captivating fusion of old-world charm and modern vibrancy.

We've gathered the best insider tips from our local brand partners. Renata from Studio Conchita knows the top restaurants to visit, Mariana from Ensamble Artesano the best shopping destinations, and Marina from Curadox is the expert on the city's best tacos and bars to end an evening. Enjoy your time in Mexico City through the eyes of our local tastemakers!

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The Nairobi Issue