Made51 is brought to life by UNHCR, the UN Refugee agency, a global organisation dedicated to building a better future for refugees. Made51 helps refugees build sustainable livelihoods utilizing their heritage craftsmanship and culture. Through Made51, refugees have a way to harness their artisan skills and participate in the global economy, which allows them to add value to their host communities and secure their own futures.

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    Meet UNHCR

    The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) is a UN agency tasked with providing assistance and protection to refugees, forcibly displaced populations, and stateless individuals. Its mission includes facilitating voluntary repatriation, supporting local integration, or aiding resettlement to a third country.

    Made51 works with 3,700+ artisans in 23 countries, in collaboration with a network of 35 social enterprise partners. Over 85% of artisans are women who support an estimated 16,000+ beneficiaries.

    Stained Glass Basket by MADE51 at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    Founder: UNHCR

    Team: 3,700+ artisans

    Location: Worldwide (23 countries)

    Materials: Cotton, linen, wool, beads, leather

    Behind each product is a story of courage and resilience. Through these stories, Made51 reveals refugees as talented individuals with rich cultures, immense potential and a deep wish to act as productive members of their host communities, rebuilding their lives despite living in displacement.

    When refugees flee, they carry with them the traditions, skills, knowledge, and craftsmanship. From the leather work of the Tuareg to the fine embroidery of the Syrians - Made51 creates a way for refugees to sustain artistic traditions and preserve their culture.

    Refugees often leave hind their livelihood when fleeing violence. Made51 offers refugee artisans a way to earn an income, and in doing so, the opportunity to rebuild their livelihood and re-establish their independence.