Ana Collectives

Meet Ana - a talented visual artist with a passion for graphic design, fashion photography, and film. She finds inspiration in the beauty of fashion, art, people, and psychology.

Ana's journey began in Maputo, Mozambique, where she was born. She was adopted by her Dutch family when she was just three months old. Despite the warm welcome from her family, Ana struggled with her identity as a black woman, making it difficult for her to love herself.

She sought help through various forms of therapy but found the most healing through the creation of (digital) illustrations. Her artwork allowed her to better understand and embrace her true self, ultimately leading to a realization of self-love and personal identity. Now, Ana wants to inspire and guide others to do the same.

Among Ana's core values are celebrating the beauty of black women and promoting strength, love, healing, and empowerment. She works closely with other organizations to foster diversity and equality. Her message is clear: embrace who you are, stand in your power, and let your light shine. You are beautiful just the way you are, and I am is here to guide you towards self-loving and a brighter future.

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    Interview with the artist

    Interviewer: "How would you describe your art?"
    Ana: "Bold, feminine, powerful"

    Interviewer:"Something that shines for you, and why?"
    Ana: "Inequality in any form. There is a lot of inequality in the world in every layer of our society and that touches me. That we live in a world where our ego dominates, where we look primarily to our own personal interest in any form. Don't get me wrong, because we need an ego because it also protects you from the lesser things in life, yet I hope we become more conscious of how we treat each other and treat each other. More truly listening to each other, our needs and acting on them from love, that would make the world a much nicer and softer place."

    Interviewer: "What part of the human face is your favorite?"
    Ana: "The smile!"

    Interviewer: "Why did you choose illustrations and digital art as your craft?"
    Ana: "It may sound a little silly, but I didn't specifically choose illustration and digital art as a profession. I have a background in Graphic Design and being creative has always been something I enjoyed. Drawing I used to do it, but never thought I rediscovered it during the pandemic. My hidden passion. Incredibly happy and grateful for it! 6. Where does your inspiration live?
    Life experience, people and all-day experiences, art, poetry, and music."

    Interviewer: "When looking for yourself, where do you find her?"
    Ana: "While illustrating or any kind of art making, in the mirror and meditation, singing and dancing!"

    Interviewer: "What does community mean for you?"
    Ana: "To me, a community means a group of like-minded, like-minded people with the same values as what I have and most importantly at all times, treating each other with respect and holding each other's values. Subconsciously we all live in a community or a bubble, it's just what you feel comfortable with. For me it's all about community, where you can and may be yourself, respect each other, and motivates and inspire each other, so you can be an even better version of yourself than you already are. We are there for each other during highs and during moments of low spirits."