Kero Design

Kero Design's is an eco-consciousness knitwear brand founded by Mariela Gonzales from Peru. Kero Design's collections draw inspiration from the countless textures and colors of traditional Peruvian crafts like basket weaving, embroidery, and weaving. The brand crafts versatile, unisex pieces with a contemporary design. Kero Design's materials include premium wool from the heart of the Andean mountains in Peru and soft cotton from the northern coast.

Anna Sweater by Kero Design at White Label Project
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    Meet Mariela Gonzales

    Kero Design is a story of learning, knowledge, and ancient traditions, but above all, of values and identity. It began when the founder Mariela was a child visiting her grandfather. There, while listening to his magical stories, she was fascinated by his collection of Keros, the ceremonial Tiahuanaco vessels. Mariela discovered much of what Peru had to offer: colors, customs, and breathtaking landscapes. A land where traditional weaving techniques and ancestral ceremonies endure. Where the know-how of ancient Peruvians lives in the soul and hands of today's artisans.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Mariela Gonzales

    TEAM: Founder + >200 Artisans & Employees

    LOCATION: Lima, Peru

    MATERIALS: Alpaca, Baby Alpaca, Pima Cotton

    The desire of Kero Design is to proudly carry the Peruvian soul worldwide. The brand aims to spread some of Peru's finest natural fibers, such as alpaca and Pima cotton, and through weaving, honor our roots and express our DNA: diverse and sustainable. Kero Design is a committed and conscious brand that understands that true luxury is not mass production or environmental harm but rather being socially responsible.

    Kero Design takes their commitment to responsible production seriously. The proof is the Fair Trade Certification from Peru earned in 2014. The brand cares about the people behind each garment, personally knowing the artisans and breeders, fostering a unique relationship built on mutual respect. They believe a modern brand expresses its commitments by providing tangible responses to a society seeking meaning. Thus, Kero Design promotes employment in remote areas, integrate an ethical and sustainable value chain, and empower workers. Kero Design's goal is to create local economic and development opportunities, leading to improved living conditions, education, and health for their collaborators.