White Label Project is an online store and community for brands in fashion and design worldwide. Founded by Ann-Kathrin Zotz & Caroline Foerster in 2019, it aims to empower women in e-commerce and challenge unsustainable trade norms such as white labelling. The store offers carefully picked luxury fashion and home design items from over 40 women-led brands worldwide, ranging from Ghana over South Africa to Mexico and India. We work with the new generation of contemporary design entrepreneurs all sharing the same ambition to preserve artisanal traditions by bringing them into a modern design context, generating stable incomes for the crafters behind each product and using natural fibres and sustainable materials.

We collaborate with the next generation of women change makers to scale their impact, level up their brands and connect to a global community of sustainable design enthusiasts.

Our mission

is to empower women through e-commerce across the globe. We want to maximize local incomes through brand building and enabling direct to consumer sales. We facilitate the systems and services needed to boost and internationalize e-commerce businesses globally.

We aim to deconstruct norms in international trade, especially common practices in the fashion and design industry such as the exploitation of nature and people, their culture and traditions. Instead, we want to inspire the appreciation and celebration of culture, conservation of nature and economic empowerment of women.


  1. Mobilise women as change makers.
  2. Preserve artisan techniques and knowledge.
  3. Create jobs and stable incomes.
  4. Promote sustainable materials and dyes.
  5. Foster responsible consumption.

What we do

Concept Store

A digital design destination with inspiration and storytelling in focus combined with the possibility to explore the brands and crafters behind the products.


Tailored marketing and e-commerce services aimed at the development and promotion of impact brands to support their positioning on the international market.


A community platform where impact brands connect and learn from each other and mutually support the acceleration of their brands by benefitting from joint opportunities.