A community of changemakers

We collaborate with the next generation of leaders to scale their impact, level up their brands and connect to a global community.

We are proud to say that we currently work with 24+ sustainable design brands connected with more than 1200 crafters and creatives across 12 countries and growing.

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White Label Project

Our commitment

Our vision

We aim to become the leading platform for brands, designers and customers that all share a love for craftmanship and ambition to create a more sustainable future for all.

What we do

The marketplace

An inspiring design destination with inspiration and storytelling in focus combined with the possibility to explore the brand and crafters behind the products.

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The Brand Lab

A community platform where impact brands connect, learn and accelerate their brands to a more sustainable future.

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The consultancy

A strategic design consultancy specialising in the development and promotion of impact brands and supporting their positioning on the market.

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Designed to empower.
Made to last.


“Sustainability and the goal to empower up-and coming designers' ambitions is the primary mission of the two founders Ann-Kathrin and Caroline. Pretty cool, right? They definitely got us at Glamour on board!”

Glamour, Germany