The essence of We Are NBO lies in its philosophy of interconnectedness and community, reflecting the inventive spirit of Kenya. By creating jewelry from upcycled materials like brass, cow bones, and horns, NBO captures the resourcefulness found in Kenyan cottage industries.

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    Meet Michael Kimanthi

    The founder of We Are NBO, Michael, embodies a profound connection to his community and a deep respect for Kenya's creative spirit. His journey is one of overcoming challenges in the global fashion industry while advocating for sustainability and empowerment. Michael's commitment to using upcycled materials reflects his dedication to ethical practices and local craftsmanship. He is passionate about innovation and seeks to make a meaningful impact in the world of fashion.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Michael Kimanthi

    TEAM: 24 team members & artisans

    LOCATION: Nairobi, Kenya

    MATERIALS: Recycled brass, wood, bone, denim off-cuts

    At NBO, tools and materials such as reworked water pumps used as sanding benches and denim off-cuts used as buffing wheels are creatively upcycled. Mostly recycled and upcycled items, salvaged from the waste stream like recycled brass, wood, and bone, are utilized by NBO's artisans. The recycled brass is sourced from old door handles, taps, and light fixtures, while the bone is obtained from the food waste industry, and the wood is derived from furniture scraps. These materials are communally sourced within an ecosystem where they are readily available, supporting NBO's artisans who are portrayed as empowered, talented, and ingenious, with their primary need being work.

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