De Castro

De Castro Moda is a distinguished fashion brand founded by Virginia Borrero de Castro, a Colombian designer. The brand merges traditional Indian craftsmanship with contemporary design, producing visually stunning and comfortable garments. Each piece is handmade by Indian artisans using the finest cotton and silk fibers, ensuring exceptional quality and attention to detail. De Castro Moda supports local Indian communities and offers a collection featuring chic silhouettes ideal for travel and everyday wear. The designs reflect Borrero de Castro's Colombian heritage, embracing bold colors and diverse cultural influences. Committed to sustainability, the brand uses natural fibers and traditional techniques to minimize environmental impact.

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    Meet Virginia Borrero de Castro

    The brand’s name honors Borrero’s mother, an artist who signs her work with her maiden name, De Castro, and serves as Borrero's continual inspiration. Borrero's passion for clothing began early, influenced by the talented seamstresses in her family. She studied fashion in Bogota and worked with renowned designer Olga Piedrahita and her daughter, Danielle Lafaurie. On their recommendation, Borrero traveled to Jaipur, India, to collaborate with the Kasliwal family of The Gem Palace. After three years of living between India and Colombia, she settled in Jaipur and launched her label with Sanjay and Samir Kasliwal. Borrero's vibrant designs blend unique patterns, prints, and embroideries with modern, effortless silhouettes, bridging her two worlds.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Virginia Borrero de Castro

    LOCATION: Jaipur, India

    MATERIALS: Cotton and silk fibers

    All De Castro pieces are crafted in the brand’s atelier in Jaipur by three specialized tailors, each focusing on dresses, pants, or hand embroidery. Passionate about craftsmanship, Virginia Borrero uses high-quality, locally hand-loomed textiles. She revitalizes traditional materials like handwoven khadi and intricate dyeing techniques such as double ikat. Recently, the brand began producing their own ikats in Hyderabad, where experts can take over a month to create 25 meters of this fabric.

    Hand embroidery is a key feature of De Castro’s designs, especially in their footwear, which often showcases intricate patterns inspired by Rajasthan’s palaces. The brand collaborates with a Sikh family in Jaipur, who have been masters of embroidery for generations, to develop these detailed designs.