Nada Duele

Founded in 2019 by artists Giselle Macdonald and later on joined by Mariano Orellana, Nada Duele is synonymous with ethical craftsmanship and contemporary design. Nada Duele collaborates with master artisans throughout Guatemala, crafting practical and versatile objects to preserve traditional craftsmanship and promote job creation in the region. Committed to ethical production, Nada Duele creates beautiful products that cause no harm during or after their creation, exemplifying the meaning behind its Spanish name, 'nothing hurts.'

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    Nada Duele is a Guatemala-based lifestyle brand focusing on home goods and accessories. It was founded in 2019 by multidisciplinary artist Giselle MacDonald in an effort to create unique and sustainable pieces combining the essence of Guatemalan craftsmanship and contemporary design.
    Four years later, Product and Graphic Designer Mariano Orellana joined the team as a Creative Partner.

    Wavy Pitcher - white by Nada Duele at White Label Project
    10 in 1 scarf - sketches by Nada Duele at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDERS: Giselle Macdonald & Mariano Orellana

    TEAM: 2 full-time employees + artisans

    LOCATION: Guatemala

    MATERIALS: Glass, Deadstock fabrics, Lambswool

    With a strong emphasis on sustainability, Nada Duele utilizes ethically sourced materials, including recycled brown glass handblown by master artisans in Quetzaltenango, Guatemala. Additionally, the brand employs upcycled textiles, ethically manufactured in Guatemala using high-quality, sustainably sourced deadstock fabric. Woven by master artisans in the picturesque highlands, each creation embodies a rich cultural heritage and a dedication to eco-conscious practices.

    Nada Duele has partnered with the National Forest Institute of Guatemala (INAB), a recognized institution for sustainable forestry development. The brand actively supports the reduction of vulnerability to climate change through annual tree planting events, where over 100 trees are planted to minimize the carbon footprint.

    Mosaicos Rug by Nada Duele at White Label Project