Hilo Sagrado

Since 2013, Hilo Sagrado has been dedicated to an inclusive development model that acknowledges the deep cultural heritage of artisan communities in Latin America, particularly focusing on empowering women. The organization strives to enhance the quality of life for these women through education, economic empowerment, and sustainable development. As part of their mission, Hilo Sagrado aims to make these communities self-sustainable, equipping women with the tools to become micro-entrepreneurs, take control of their work, and break the cycle of extreme poverty. Through the creation of unique and culturally rich fashion accessories, Hilo Sagrado not only supports economic empowerment but also showcases the invaluable craftsmanship of these artisan communities.

Wayuu Bright Bag — Maxi by Hilo Sagrado at White Label Project
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    Inspired by the Wayuú community, located in the La Guajira desert, on the border between Colombia and Venezuela, a foundation was founded ind 2013 destined to preserve their culture and traditions. Two years later, sisters Ana María and Emilia Torres assumed the project’s leadership and target it in a new direction: to bring the women artisans that collaborate with Hilo Sagrado to a national and global market assuring them a long-term sustainable path. Natalia Bertel also joined as Executive Director thus completing the actual team.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Sabrina Prioli

    TEAM: 3 founders + more that 150 Wayuú artisans

    LOCATION: Colombia

    MATERIALS: Acrylic thread

    Hilo Sagrado collaborates with the private and public sectors, international organizations, and individuals to develop innovative solutions and a knowledge base that has a social, economic, and environmental impact on the indigenous communities they work with. The brand raises funds through various channels, such as donations, crowdfunding, partnerships, and the sale of artisanal products, all with the aim of empowering indigenous communities to take charge of their own development and break free from extreme poverty.

    Over the past years Hilo Sagrado expanded to 10+ markets in the Americas, Europe, and Asia, supporting 150 artisans and empowering 5 community leaders. Social benefits are provided to 500+ Wayuú beneficiaries - thanks to partners like Avianca, Artisan Resource, CESA, Israeli Government, MOB, and a 3,000+ strong community.