Barali is a sustainable homeware brand founded by Mookho Ntho, Creative Director and Moliehi Mafantiri, Operations Director, in Maseru, Lesotho. All products are made from either 100% mohair from Lesotho or blended with wool from South Africa. The empowerment of local artisans, reviving traditional Basotho craftsmanship are at the heart of Barali.

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    Upcoming visual artist Mookho Ntho specializes in surrealistic paintings, initially focusing on social activism, poaching, and famine themes. Her current work emphasizes fashion and vibrant colors to evoke emotions, driven by her desire to represent black people, especially African women, in mainstream media. She's represented by Undiscovered Canvas, promoting African creative industries in Europe, with a motto of "Create with Intent."

    Moliehi Mafantiri, a passionate anthropology, gender equity, and geography enthusiast, co-founded TooTaboo, a campaign addressing sexual harassment and assault, aiming to educate on consent and sex.

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    FOUNDER: Akosua Afriyie Kumi

    TEAM: 2 founders + 30 artisans

    LOCATION: Maseru, Lesotho

    MATERIALS: Mohair carpets and throws

    Barali works with the Leribe Craft Center in Hlotse, Lesotho. The center counts 20 artisan women who hand-spin the mohair fibers into yarn, dye, and weave them. The iconic Mpate and Phetoho rugs are produced with Maseru Tapestries and Mats in Maseru, Lesotho, where 10 Basotho women weavers the art of traditional tapestry weaving from mohair fibers.