Studio Conchita

Studio Conchita, located in Mexico City and established in 2019 by Renata Blanco, specializes in crafting colorful jewelry using traditional artisan techniques such as glass blowing or also known as 'vidrio sopladio'. Her brand is the embodiment of Mexico's glass-blowing heritage, traditionally considered a male craft being handed through over generations, reinterpreted through a woman's perspective. Renowned for her distinctive use of repurposed glass, she creates organically shaped pieces inspired by the vibrant tapestry of the ocean and nature with shapes like pearls and waves in focus.

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    Meet Renata Blanco

    Renata Blanco was inspired to delve into jewelry innovation by her upbringing, immersed in the stunning artistry of her father's glasswork. Although she didn't immediately embrace the craft, she later rediscovered her passion for it and fell in love with the process on her own terms.

    Blanco reflects on her artistic identity: "Conchita is like my alter ego, especially in the physically demanding realm of blown glass, a profession largely dominated by men. When I work, I embody 'Conchita'—a strong, expressive persona unafraid of limits and passionate about experimentation."

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Renata Blanco

    TEAM: Founder + about 10 Artisans

    LOCATION: Mexico City, Mexico

    MATERIALS: Glass

    Renata Blanco, deeply rooted in the art of "vidrio soplado" or blown glass, brings jewelry innovation to the forefront in her jewelry workshop. This traditional technique involves artisans skillfully blowing into hot glass, crafting everything from the glass rings to statement necklaces. By embracing her heritage, Blanco repurposes broken or leftover glass to handcraft unique pieces that redefine handmade jewelry.By brainstorming with the artisans and ruminating on her own thoughts is how Blanco creates her pieces.

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