Ensamble Artesano

Ensamble Artesano is a non-profit platform, designed as a space for exchange and collaboration to combat the economic uncertainty for artisans in Mexico precipitated by the pandemic. Today, it supports more than three thousand artisans across 22 states in Mexico, in partnership with 83 organizations. It has evolved into an important hub, forging collaborative networks to strengthen the craft sector.

Yokot'án Bowl - Small by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
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    Ensamble Artesano was founded by Fundación Haciendas del Mundo Maya & Taller Maya with a dual purpose: It aims to preserve and celebrate artisanal creation while injecting innovation into traditional design. Additionally, the project seeks to recognize and strengthen formal, equitable value chains that create horizontal work links, ensuring a reliable income source for indigenous and rural Mexican communities. In summary, Ensamble Artesano promotes artisanal creativity, reinforces formal value chains, and supports sustainable livelihoods for Mexican artisans.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Fundación haciendas del mundo maya & taller maya

    TEAM: Collaboration of Mexican artisan all across the country

    LOCATION: México

    MATERIALS: Natural fiber, metal, textile, stone, clay

    Ensamble Artesano directly supports +5,000 artisans who celebrate and preserve the cultural heritage of our country through the techniques they work. Once you buy a piece the money goes straight back to the craft communities through the 'strengthening fund' used for a capacity building program developed in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme.

    The project seeks to create an opportunity building new approaches in interdisciplinary collaboration with designers who joined the allied organizations and who managed this collaborative model for the creation of 800 different designs, with horizontal design processes in respect to the legacy of the groups and at the same time generating innovation in the production processes.

    Tes Cushion - blue by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
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