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Welcome to our home collection, where comfort, craftsmanship, and sustainability come together. Our curated selection includes soft and cozy alpaca blankets, ceramic mugs handmade, pottery mugs, cushions, stoles, and other home objects, each one meticulously crafted by skilled artisans from diverse corners of the globe, using sustainable materials and natural fibers. The alpaca blankets are a testament to generations of craftsmanship combining quality and design. The ceramic mugs and pottery are lovingly handcrafted and designed in Algeria and Mexico, telling a story of cultural richness and artisanal expertise.

At the core of our collection lies our commitment to supporting impact-driven, women-led brands. By championing these initiatives, we strive to empower artisans and foster sustainable livelihoods in communities worldwide. With our home collection, you can curate a home that not only reflects your values but also contributes positively to communities across the globe and fulfils your interior motives.

The collection includes home decor items by brands such as IBKKI, a creative design studio founded by two nomadic designers. The founders' journey took them to North Africa, where they connect with skilled artisans to bring you distinctive pieces such as ceramic mugs handmade with care, each piece reflecting the rich heritage of its origin. Join IBKKI's passionate founders and discover the beauty of pottery mugs and vases, with the perfect blend of design and tradition to fulfil your interior motives.

Another brand featured in our home collection is Oficio, a Colombian interior design studio that works with local artisanal techniques and materials, transforming them into design pieces with cultural value. The founder Camila strives to build lasting relationships with artisans, strengthening their processes and acknowledging their work and expertise through design. Oficio has been supporting communities and exploring various crafts that promote ethical production and the preservation of local craftsmanship in Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Putumayo, and Antioquia.

Another highlight in our collection are the pottery and ceramic mugs handmade by M.A., a unique project that fuses artistry with traditional craftsmanship. M.A operates from Mexico City and collaborates with different communities across Mexico for production. Drawing inspiration from local traditions, native beliefs, and cultural knowledge, the project specializes in crafting ceramic mugs handmade with care, pottery mugs and vases with skilled artisans in Oaxaca, Mexico. Led by Melissa Ávila, a versatile artist from Tijuana, the design team in Mexico City drives the creative vision to fulfill your interior motives.