Meet Oficio

Oficio is a Colombian interior design studio founded by Camila Pardo in 2018. Oficio works with local artisanal techniques and materials, transforming them into design pieces with cultural value. Camila strives to build lasting relationships with artisans, strengthening their processes and acknowledging their work and expertise through design. Oficio has been supporting communities and exploring various crafts that promote ethical production and the preservation of local craftsmanship such as in Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Putumayo, and Antioquia. Camila loves colorful, high-quality objects for everyday life, inspired by places in Colombia, people, traditional cultural elements, and the rural areas where they are made.

FOUNDER: Camila Pardo

TEAM: 2 Employees + 13 Artisans

LOCATION: Medellín, Colombia

MATERIALS: Sustainably sourced wool, wood, clay, glass

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    About the founder

    Camila Pardo

    Camila Pardo specializes in product design, art direction, and consultancy, with a creative focus on projects grounded in research and the crafting of pieces using manual techniques. With Oficio she explores local crafts by creating design objects in collaboration with Colombian artisans skilled in weaving, wood carving, and pottery. Through her engagements with individuals and businesses, she actively seeks solutions to various creative challenges, adding value through mindful and intentional design.

    Story & Highlights

    At Oficio, each piece undergoes a process of design and research. Oficio gathers local and global references from images, objects, textures, and materials, guiding them to the shapes, silhouettes, and colors that each piece will take on. It always starts with hands, on paper. Sketching and proposing colors are part of Oficio's process, to later convey it clearly to the artisans they work with. This is where the best part of the process happens. The artisan analyzes the design and, based on their experience and knowledge, contributes to the crafting of each piece, making it more practical or adjusting its aesthetics according to their technique.

    Oficio's driving principles are:

    Preserving the artisanal legacy and elevate existing techniques in Colombia through contemporary design pieces.

    Providing a source of income to local artisanal communities and create social impact.

    Contributing beauty and a distinctive touch to homes, interiors, and the planet.

    Sharing our stories and those of our surroundings.