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      Welcome to our carefully curated collection of art and large home items, where each piece reflects the dedication of talented artisans and brands committed to ethical craftsmanship and contemporary design.

      Nada Duele, founded in 2019 by artists Giselle Macdonald and later joined by Mariano Orellana, stands as a beacon of ethical production and cultural preservation. Synonymous with its Spanish name, meaning 'nothing hurts,' Nada Duele collaborates with master artisans across Guatemala. Together, they craft practical and versatile objects that not only preserve traditional craftsmanship but also promote job creation in the region. Committed to sustainability, Nada Duele ensures that every product causes no harm during or after its creation, embodying the ethos of conscious living.

      Discover the timeless elegance of Caralarga, a Mexican brand founded in 2014, renowned for transforming raw cotton thread and textile waste into sustainable jewelry and home decor pieces. From their roots in textile jewelry, Caralarga's creative evolution has led to collaborations with artisans working with natural materials like sansevieria fiber and recycled bull horn. Explore their Large and Medium Format pieces, designed to infuse your space with the raw beauty of natural materials.

      Additionally, immerse yourself in the vibrant designs of Oficio, a Colombian interior design studio founded by Camila Pardo in 2018. With a passion for colorful, high-quality objects inspired by Colombia's cultural elements, Oficio collaborates with local artisans in regions such as Boyacá, Cundinamarca, Putumayo, and Antioquia. Through their creations, they preserve traditional craftsmanship and promote ethical production, offering a glimpse into Colombia's rich tapestry of rural life.

      Whether you're captivated by the emotive photography, intricate illustrations, or sustainable decor pieces, our collection offers a diverse array of options to elevate your home. From stylish stools to elegant rugs, each item is crafted with care and expertise, embodying a commitment to both style and sustainability. Dive into our collection and discover the perfect pieces to transform your space into a sanctuary of ethical craftsmanship and contemporary design.