CuradoX is a Mexico City-based jewelry brand founded by Marina Hernandez crafting specialized jewelry made only from recycled silver that is extracted from X-ray plates and photographic film. Each piece is unique and is shaped both by Marina’s hands and her early fascination with her ancestry - specifically the women in her life, who are also the inspiration behind the pieces' names.

Rama Earrings — Gold by Curadox at White Label Project
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    Marina Hernandez founded Mexico City-based jewelry brand Curado Por (CuradoX)as a project straight out of university. She is a designer with a unique background that combines her expertise in design and a passion for photography. Her work is deeply influenced by her ancestry, particularly the powerful women in her life, translating this inspiration into unique jewelry pieces crafted from recycled silver. Marina’s pieces capture the quiet and powerful expression of style through individualized objects, and establish themselves as elegant modern heirlooms.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Marina Hernandez

    TEAM: Founder & Jeweler

    LOCATION: Mexico City

    MATERIALS: Recycled silver from X-rays and photographic film

    The only thing that fascinates Curadox more than jewelry is Mother Nature, with her power, her strength, and her ever-inspiring forms. Mother Nature exhibits a unique generosity - one that is neither a strategy nor discourse, but a sole way of understanding life. To honor that generosity, it is deeply important to Curadox to never lose contact with the process, the materials, and to minimize their carbon footprint as they create.

    CuradoX works slowly and deliberately; each piece is made to order - Everything from their packaging to the jewelry itself is made from upcycled and recycled materials.
    The silver is extracted from X-rays and photographic film. This innovative process involves shredding the film, which is then bathed in a cyanide solution to separate the silver, followed by electrolysis for purification, achieving a near-perfect recovery rate of 99.9% silver.

    Forever inspired by those who came before her, Marina names each piece she creates after a woman she admires, hoping that in the owners hands, they will someday be part of their heritage and a homage to our own.

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