Ibkki is more than just a design studio, Ibkki is a creative adventure founded by two nomadic designers, Azel and Youri. The founders' journey took them to North Africa, where they connect with skilled artisans to bring you distinctive pieces that weave together tales of craftsmanship and culture. Join Ibkki's passionate founders and explore the intersection of design and heritage.

Zizou Vase - blue by IBKKI at White Label Project
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    Meet AZEL & YOURI

    Their studio is located in Paris, with their workshop nestled in the mountains of Kabylia, Algeria. The founders undertake extended residencies in Kabylia, often spending up to 8 months working closely with local artisans to meticulously design their collections. This unique collaboration process reflects their commitment to blending craftsmanship with their design vision.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Azen & Youri

    TEAM: 2 founders + 6 artisans

    LOCATION: Paris & Kabylia, Algeria

    MATERIALS: Clay & glaze

    Collaboratively, the founders of Ibkki craft and design each object with local artisans. Their process emphasizes a learning experience rather than imposing their ideas on the artisans, adopting an apprentice-like approach to master local techniques and processes. In their workshop, every day becomes an opportunity for shared experiences, where constant discussions and learning take place among the team. The objects they create serve as a testament to this collaborative effort, with each piece representing the combined work of 2 to 3 individuals.

    Through a deep understanding of the clay's origin, the artisans and designers are able to handle and mold it in a manner that pays homage to its natural essence. Originating from Mother Earth, the clay carries with it a local narrative. Artisans work this earth, transforming it into a medium for creative expression, infusing it with a palette of diverse powders. This age-old knowledge is passed down from one generation to the next, preserving the artisanal tradition.

    Yula Vase - orange by IBKKI at White Label Project