Conflict Food is a Berlin-based 'slow' start-up with the goal of supporting people in crisis regions through fair trade. By directly engaging in trade with the farmers in conflict areas, people are empowered and stories of culinary cultures are passed on. Many hands likely played a role in bringing your meal to the table today. Conflictfood goes beyond traditional aid, supporting independent producers through direct trade. This Berlin-based social enterprise aims for economic independence, enabling partners to lead self-determined lives and contribute to society.

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    Meet Salem El-Mogaddedi & Gernot Würtenberger

    In their quest for culinary treasures, the founders of Conflictfood travel to regions that others tend to avoid. They establish trade relationships with local producers in conflict-stricken regions. Be it spices, coffee, or tea, Conflictfood presents a compelling solution to both social and ecological conflicts
    With every purchase, you can make a statement. For more global justice. For humanity and nature. And ultimately, for yourself.

    It started with a trip to Afghanistan, where founders discovered a women's collective transforming from opium cultivation to harvesting saffron. Inspired by their bravery, Gernot and Salem established Conflictfood. The team continues to explore countries like Afghanistan, Mozambique, Myanmar, and Ukraine for unique local specialties, emphasizing people's stories over crisis stereotypes. This approach breaks down mental barriers.

    Tea from Myanmar Gift Set by Conflictfood at White Label Project
    White Kampot Pepper by Conflictfood at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    Founders: Salem El-Mogaddedi & Gernot Würtenberger

    Location: Berlin, Afghanistan, Mozambique, Myanmar, and Ukraine, Palestine, Cambodia

    Products: Coffee, tea, ginger, saffron, Freekeh, pepper

    Conflictfood engages in fair and direct trade with coffee, tea, and ginger from Myanmar, saffron from Afghanistan, Freekeh from Palestine, and, as of this year, pepper from Cambodia, as well as tea from Ukraine. It has won numerous awards, including the Next Organic Start-up Award 2016 and the iF Social Impact Prize 2018. It was a finalist for the German Sustainability Award 2022 in the Supply Chain category. The German Sustainability Award is the largest accolade in Europe for ecological and social commitment.

    Conflictfood follows the "slow start-up" principle, is self-financed, and aims for slow, healthy growth. The international five-member team of the company lives and works in Berlin. They share a strong interest in political contexts, global solutions for a more peaceful world, and the belief that the enjoyment of delicious food can contribute to international understanding.