Derota Kuna Clutch
Derota Kuna Clutch
Derota Kuna Clutch
Derota Kuna Clutch
Derota Kuna Clutch

Derota Kuna Clutch

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By Colombian fashion brand Mola Sasa.

Mirroring nature's reds and corals, this mini bag is perfect for the summer and beyond. Large enough to exhibit the richness of the Kuna textiles, our signature clutch/crossbody bag is ideal for everyday use yet not too big to be used in the evenings. It fits large phones & wallets, and even an iPad mini, and comes with a detachable leather strap.

The Kuna Textile was hand-sewn by artisan women of the Guna Dule community of Caimán Alto, Colombia. For generations, artisan women have passed down the ancient appliqué technique of hand-sewing cut-out layers of fabric to form an intricate piece of art. Each fabric features a unique design by the artisan woman who carefully crafted it. Beliefs and traditions can be woven into each composition in the Guna culture. Some depict stories, animals, or daily scenes, while others portray a more abstract design.

Size: 23 cm length, 16 cm height, 4.5 cm width.


Linen, cotton, poplin mix, brass hardware, leather strap.

Color: Yellow, white, black, coral, orange.

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