Rumi Bracelet
Rumi Bracelet
Rumi Bracelet
Rumi Bracelet

Rumi Bracelet

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By Afghan jewelry brand Sevar.

The Rumi bracelet is made of lapis lazuli beads in a special organic finish that has been used for the bracelet and the matching choker necklace. The jewelry pieces show the deep blue gemstone fully in its naturalness and demonstrate its simple beauty. Please note that the bracelet is sold per piece.

The bracelet is sold per piece.

Hila and Wana Limar explain the inspiration behind the name: “Ibn Sina, also known by the Latin name Avicenna, was a doctor and scholar who significantly shaped medicine for centuries. Sina was born in 980, probably in Balkh, in northern Afghanistan. He is renowned in scientific research and art, philosophy, and theology and is admired as a pioneer of his time. Even in the Milan Cathedral, there is an image of the Muslim doctor as one of the most famous figures of the Roman Empire and the Middle Ages.”

The collection’s designs were created by Hila Limar, architect & chairwoman of the board at the non-profit organization Visions for Children e.V., and Wana Limar, creative producer, presenter, Visions for Children e.V. ambassador, and member of their PR team.

With their jewelry label SEVAR Studios, the sisters, Hila and Wana Limar combine their shared affinity for artistic design with their educational, sustainable aspirations.  Therefore, they connect their longstanding commitment to the educational sector, especially through the non-profit organization Vision for Children e.V., with their love of art and aesthetics. Profits generated by SEVAR Studios will be invested in a goldsmith training program for girls and young women in Kabul, which Visions for Children e.V. is planning for 2022.

Size: 16 cm + 3.5 cm extension.

Material: Lapis lazuli and .925 silver, gold-plated.

Color: Gold, blue.

Please note that each pair is handmade from natural materials. No piece is like the other, but a beautiful one-of-a-kind. Therefore, variations to the photos may occur.

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