Mpate Rug by Barali at White Label Project
Mpate Rug by Barali at White Label Project
Mpate Rug by Barali at White Label Project
Mpate Rug by Barali at White Label Project

Mpate Rug

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The Mpate rug by Lesotho-based design brand Barali is made from a 100% hand spun mohair yarn sustainably sourced from Angora goats by women artisans in the mountains of Lesotho.

The design of the Mpate rug is inspired by the Litema mural art of the Basotho, the people of Lesotho. Litema art is composed of decorative and geometric symbols inspired by the patternes of a ploughed field. Basotho women would paint their houses after they had been built with Litema designs. Natural pigments were used to give the patterns colour. As this art form is dying out, Barali wants to revive it by incorporating elements of Litema in the Mpate rug. 

The rug is an ode to the women who came before us and the cultures that will evolve after we are long gone.

Sizes: Width 70 cm, with length 150 cm or width 120 cm with length 180 cm

Color: Beige, light yellow, rusty red and blue

Material: 100% mohair

Do not machine wash, bleach or tumble dry. Use mild detergent. Never pull or wring. Lay flat to dry.

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Meet Barali

Barali is a sustainable homeware brand founded by Mookho Ntho, Creative Director and Moliehi Mafantiri, Operations Director, in Maseru, Lesotho. All products are made from either 100% mohair from Lesotho or blended with wool from South Africa.

As an upcoming visual artist Mookho Ntho specialises in surrealist paintings. Her early works explored themes of social activism, poaching and famine. But now, Key aspects of her work include fashion, and the use of bright colour to evoke emotions. A large part of her art is driven by the need to create visuals, which she did not see of black people in mainstream media, especially black African women, during her upbringing. She is represented by Undiscovered Canvas, a company that promotes African creative industries in Europe. Her motto is "Create with Intent".

Moliehi Mafantiri is an anthropologist in learning with a deep passion for anthropology, gender equity, and geography. As a young Africa woman, she was motivated to raise awareness about sexual harassment and assault. Thus, she considers one of her biggest achievements to be co-founding a campaign, TooTaboo, that addressed those social issues and sought to educate people on consent and sex.



TEAM: 2 founders + 30 artisans.

LOCATION: Maseru, Lesotho.

MATERIALS: Mohair carpets and throws.

TECHNIQUE: Handspun the mohair fibers into yarn, dye them, and weave them.

IMPACT: The founders produce their designed pieces with the local artisan businesses in Lesotho reviving traditional Basotho weaving techniques.

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