Vase Atlas — Grey
Vase Atlas — Grey
Vase Atlas — Grey

Vase Atlas — Grey

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By Ukrainian lifestyle brand Gunia Project.

The main source of inspiration for the Atlas collection was the works of the mysterious Ukrainian architect Ignatius Kazimirovich Ledokhovsky, especially the house with Atlas on Kostelnaya Street in Kyiv, Ukraine. 

This vase is handmade of "Guta" glass. The name of the technology comes from the glassworks "Guta", where artisans used to create glassware and decor items since the XVI century. Now the technology is declining and there are almost no "Guta" furnaces left in Ukraine. Each piece, made and decorated by a master in the free-blowing process, has a unique shape.

Delivered in a gift box made from recycled paper.

Material: 100% Guta glass.

Care: Hit or fall can cause damage to the product.

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Gunia Project

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