Pendant Trident Necklace by Gunia Project at White Label Project
Pendant Trident Necklace by Gunia Project at White Label Project

Pendant Trident Necklace

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By Ukrainian lifestyle brand, the Gunia Project.

Introducing our 'Trident' pendant, inspired by the antique sign on the early 11th-century silver coin of Grand Prince Yaroslav the Wise from Kyivan Rus. The distinctive shape of this pendant holds historical significance. Whether worn as a striking jewelry piece or a meaningful amulet, each Trident is meticulously crafted in our jewelry workshop, showcasing innovative designs for discerning handmade jewelry gold enthusiasts and conscious jewelry buyers.

Delivered in a gift box made from recycled paper.

Size: Length 55 cm, weight 5.8 gr

Color: Gold

Material: Gilded silver

Hit or fall can cause damage to the product. Avoid contact with water, oily substances or any humidity and direct contact with sun and heat.

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Meet Gunia Project

Founded in 2016 in Ukraine, Gunia Project is the brainchild of Natasha and Maria. Inspired by their rich heritage, they blend traditional elements with contemporary design to craft exceptional accessories and lifestyle products. The brand creates unique creations that reflect Ukrainian culture while keeping in mind ethical and sustainable production practices. Due to their outstanding cultural DNA, Gunia Project has achieved a growing global presence and a community of passionate supporters.

Driven by a vision to make a difference, Maria is the powerhouse behind Gunia Project's success. Her dedication to ethical practices and sustainability sets the brand apart.

With a passion for art and an eye for design, Natasha brings beauty and imagination to every creation. Her love for Ukrainian culture and modern aesthetics makes Gunia Project truly unique.

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