White Label project is teaming up with mynt.art with a curated selection of pieces now available for sale on our platform.

mynt.art is a space for contemporary photography designed to be an accessible and alternative option for freelancers focused on conceptual, sensitive photojournalists, and commercial and fashion photographers.


Kathy Thorn, Wendla Nölle & Jasna Lohr

"Art reflects society and questions its ideals and narratives. It criticizes, moves, dismantles, inspires, touches, and makes us happy."




Among the problems that art faces, and photography as well, it's its seclusion. Mynt.art understands photography as an artistic medium able to be approached from all angles. In order to keep balance, their pieces are printed in high technology by their photo lab, WhiteWall. By owning both, curating and production, they can provide an affordable option for top-quality prints and likewise send circulation to an often forgotten side of photography, the one inhabited by a love for female artists, new narratives from Africa, an individual photographer’s view, and conscious consumption of art.

Our curation of artists

isabel pinto

Isabel Pinto is based somewhere between Lisbon and Cape Town. Being raised between Africa and Europe, she is always searching for raw tenderness, palm shades dancing on the ground, and truthfulness. With a master's in Anthropology, she conquered the world of fashion and lifestyle photography, always adding another layer to her perspective on people, especially children.

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Micha Serraf

Micha Serraf was born and raised in Zimbabwe and fled to South Africa where he is currently based. He seeks to dissect and dismantle the understanding of gender and belonging within this configuration, demonstrating the evolutionary, fluid, and emotional entanglements related to the purpose, interpretations, and performance of gender, race, and origin.

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Sameer Raichur

Sameet Raichur is based in Bangalore, India. He has an affinity for anachronistic socio-cultural practices, and memory and nostalgia are frequent themes in his work. He is particularly drawn to documenting ignored traditions and subcultures hiding in plain sight and is deeply interested in and continues to explore the thorny notion of masculinity and all its accompanying baggage through his work.

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