Pichulik, an ethical jewelry and accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa, is rooted in Africa and draws inspiration from ancient traditions and global cultures. With a commitment to imparting sacred feminine wisdom, Pichulik showcases unique and intentional designs. The collection reflects the atelier's deep connection to diverse cultures, celebrating the beauty of tradition through purposeful craftsmanship.

Terra Choker — Olive by Pichulik at White Label Project
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    Meet Katherine-Mary Pichulik

    Katherine founded Pichulik in 2013 and is Joint CEO and Creative Director. Prior to establishing the jewellery and accessories brand, Katherine completed a BA Honours in Fine Arts at Cape Town University. Pichulik is sold in up to sixteen countries around the world and recently collaborated with Copenhagen luxury brand By Malene Birger. Katherine has received multiple design accolades including, Accessory Designer of the Year by African Fashion International, Vogue Italia’s top 10 jewellery brands, and is regularly featured in global publications, including Vogue US, Vogue UK, Conde Nast traveller and L” Official Mexico. Katherine is a South African Gazelle top 40 SMME, and USA VLP alumni.

    Sisu Earrings by Pichulik at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Katherine-Mary Pichulik

    TEAM: 13 full-time employees

    LOCATION: Cape Town, South Africa

    MATERIALS: Upcycled ropes, glass beads, hand carved agate Ghanan carnelian, and semi-precious stones

    At Pichulik, a team of vibrant women handcrafts each piece in our Cape Town studio. Pichulik supports women empowerment by employing, collaborating, and outsourcing to local women-owned businesses, promoting job creation and economic activity. Every jewelry piece is a masterpiece, crafted by a single artist mastering various skills. Inspired by Africa and its adventures, the brand's designs use ropes and found materials for a unique touch.

    Pichulik is inspired by ancient traditions and myths, expressing their wisdom through African artistry. The brand's goal is to celebrate the courage and beauty of all women everywhere, and their message is simple: 'You are Enough".

    Pichulik predominantly uses overruns of Polypropylene rope (PPM) number 5 on the recyclable chart. These over-runs are the bits remaining from the yachting and sailing industry.

    The other components include glass beads, hand carved agate Ghanan carnelian, and semi-precious stones sourced locally. All off-cuts from crafting are used for producing new pieces of jewelry.