Mola Sasa

Mola Sasa collaborates directly with various indigenous communities of Colombia to translate their own traditional art forms and crafts into accessory collections defined by a distinctive blending of techniques, colors, textures and materials.

Sigwi Clutch by Mola Sasa at White Label Project


    Founded in 2015 by Yasmin Sabet, Mola Sasa was born out of a unique collaboration with the Kuna communities of Colombia. Both culturally and aesthetically rich, our iconic vibrant clutches rapidly caught the attention of the fashion industry scene. Yasmin, of Colombian-Egyptian descent with a background in architecture and furniture design, brings together collections that merge techniques, textures, and materials evocative of multi-cultural and multi-disciplinary backgrounds.

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDER: Yasmin Sabet
    TEAM: 5 full-time employees + 120 artisans
    LOCATION: Bogota, Colombia
    MATERIALS: Cut out layers of fabric

    Every piece from Mola Sasa connects you to the ancient tribes and vibrant culture of Colombia. Our brand is inspired by the exotic traditions of these tribes, influencing every collection we create. We honor their past through our designs, celebrating their vibrant heritage in patterns and stitches. Our passion for Colombia's indigenous culture drives our work, and we invite you to join us in this cultural exploration.

    The Kuna communities in Colombia and Panama have passed down an ancient appliqué technique, creating intricate pieces of art by hand-sewing cut-out layers of fabric. Each fabric is a unique design crafted by artisan women, reflecting the stories, animals, and traditions of the Kuna culture. The Kuna Clutches by Mola Sasa showcase these beautiful fabrics.

    In the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta, the Kankuamo indigenous people use natural resources to create crafts. They weave fibers from the agave palm, known as "fique" or "maguey," into backpacks or "mochilas." The women experiment with natural dyes, spin the fibers using a wooden spinner, and create unique and traditional crafts.

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