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      Explore our exclusive sustainable fashion & jewelry collection, meticulously tailored for jewelry & fashion enthusiasts.

      Our jewelry pieces are meticulously crafted by designers and artisans spanning Africa, Asia, and Latin America, featuring brands like Aketekete, Caralarga, Curadox, Ensamble Artesano, Gunia Project, La Marea, Lorne, Maqu, Mola Sasa, Pichulik, Sevar Studios, Soko, and Studio Conchita. From jewelry meticulously crafted with 24k and 22k gold to pieces adorned with recycled glass, stones, seashells, and other natural elements. What sets our collection apart is its origin; each piece is thoughtfully selected from impact-driven brands worldwide, all united in their commitment to sustainable production and community empowerment. Our range spans from rings to earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, offering a diverse array of styles to cater to every preference and occasion. Whether you gravitate towards minimalist sophistication or vibrant statement pieces, our collection caters to all tastes.

      Among our designers is Pichulik, who meticulously sources materials from Africa and crafts her designs in Woodstock, Cape Town. Her iconic ropes, intricately woven by local artisans and adorned with signature stones from across Africa, result in uniquely elegant jewels. Similarly, Gunia Project from Ukraine seamlessly blends tradition with contemporary design, reflecting Ukrainian culture sustainably and ethically, garnering global acclaim. La Marea, a Colombian jewelry brand hailing from Chocó, defies conventions by incorporating seashells, stones, and other coastal elements into their creations, each collection inspired by a specific beach, capturing the essence of organic textures. Mola Sasa from Bogotá offers another captivating narrative, connecting wearers to Colombia's ancient tribes and vibrant culture through pieces that celebrate their colorful heritage. Meanwhile, Sevar Studios' statement pieces fuse traditional Afghan jewelry craftsmanship with lapis lazuli stones and timeless design, with profits supporting a training program for young Afghan women. Soko, our design partner from Nairobi, Kenya, collaborates with over 1,300 Kenyan artisans, prioritizing ethical production and social impact, showcasing timeless and chic 24k gold jewelry among its offerings.

      In our commitment to sustainability, we also champion slow fashion brands from across the globe. By prioritizing ethical practices and eco-friendly materials, we redefine fashion's landscape. When you choose products from our partner brands, you not only invest in quality and personal style but also champion a responsible fashion ethos. Our fashion collection features everything from luxurious alpaca clothing to standout pieces that empower you to express your individuality while minimizing your environmental footprint. From exquisite alpaca garments renowned for their durability and warmth to versatile pieces that seamlessly transition from day to night, our collection offers both comfort and elegance.

      We're deeply passionate about the brands we collaborate with, such as Endelea, which partners with the Maasai people in Tanzania to reimagine traditional crafts with a modern twist, preserving their cultural heritage. Mozhdeh Matin's Peruvian-inspired creations, handcrafted since 2008, embody a harmonious fusion of tradition and innovation, boasting vibrant colors, soft shapes, and captivating textures. Lagom, an impact brand specializing in sustainable pyjamas crafted from lotus and rose fabric, draws inspiration from South East Asian tradition, prioritizing small-batch production to minimize waste and promote mindful consumption. Gunia Project, originating from Kyiv, offers unique creations that honor Ukrainian culture while upholding ethical and sustainable production practices.