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      Welcome to our curated art gallery, where each artist brings a unique story to their work. Each artwork tells a story and invites the viewer to explore the emotions and stories captured within. Whether you're drawn to the captivating gazes of the women in the photography or the intricate details of the vintage prints, our curated collection offers a diverse selection. In our gallery, you can discover art that speaks to the heart and transforms any space into a place of creativity and expression. Micha Serraf from South Africa explores themes of identity and survival, while Sameer captures the essence of Indian traditions at risk of fading. Ana, born in Mozambique and now based in the Netherlands, celebrates the beauty and resilience of black women, advocating for self-love and empowerment through her artwork prints. Their art is characterized not only by their stories but also by their unique motifs and quality, transforming any corner of a home into something extraordinary.