Tlama basket
Tlama basket
Tlama basket

Tlama basket

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By Mexican foundation Ensamble Artesano, crafted by artisan women in Tlamacazapa, Guerrero and designed in collaboration with Mexican design brand Saber para la Vida.

Basket woven with wild palm leaves, in Tlamacazapa, Guerrero, where 80% of the population is dedicated to weaving the palm leaves, a technique that has been taught generation after generation. To make these pieces of traditional art, the palm leaves are soaked for several minutes so that it does not hurt the hands, does not splinter, and this natural fiber is much more manageable.

Size: 28 cm diameter, height 30 cm

Color: Beige and brown

Material: Wild palm leaves

Care: Clean with a damp cloth, brush, or feather duster to remove any dust that may accumulate between the woven strips

Behind the Brand

Ensamble Artesano

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