Marbled La Onda Rings — Lilac / Mint by Studio Conchita at White Label Project
Marbled La Onda Rings — Lilac / Mint by Studio Conchita at White Label Project

Marbled La Onda Rings - Lilac / Mint

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By Studio Conchita based in Mexico City, founded in 2019 by Renata Blanco.

Studio Conchita is your gateway to exquisite handmade jewelry that seamlessly blends cultural inspiration with contemporary flair.

Explore the individual personality of each ring piece, a testament to Renata Blanco's creative vision inspired by the vibrant colors, forms, and materials of Mexico's daily life. Renata's distinctive use of her signature material, glass, is a hallmark of her collection, where it is thoughtfully repurposed to create dreamy jewelry in both traditional and modern shapes.

Discover the allure of Studio Conchita's creations, meticulously crafted in Studio Conchita's expert jewelry workshop. Embrace the unique fusion of cultural richness and contemporary design, catering to the preferences of jewelry buyers seeking one-of-a-kind handmade jewelry pieces.

Size: 5, 6, 7, 8

Color variant: Amber & pink, lilac & yellow, blue & green

Material: Borosilicate glass.

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Meet Studio Conchita

Studio Conchita is based in Mexico city, founded in 2019 by Renata Blanco. Her signature material glass is being repurposed for dreamy jewelry inspired by Mexico’s everyday life. Each piece is unique and produced in limited amounts, ethically handmade in collaboration with local artisans.

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