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Pumps — Green

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By Peruvian fashion brand Cornelio Borda by Renata García-Menacho.

Cornelio Borda’s designs are developed between Peru and Italy and produced in Peru, working with specialists in both countries and reinforcing our commitment to sustainability through the reuse of waste materials.

"Our Alpaca Carpet line does not involve the use of any animal fur but incorporates Alpaca and in some models, Pima Cotton yarn. These materials are sourced from the remainder of clothing production in Peru. With the yarn, we create a type of carpet, which is handmade stitch by stitch. This carpet is brushed by hand to achieve a soft feel and look for our shoes and bags. The first trials of this embroidery technique were developed with artisans from the Marche Region in Italy several years ago. Afterward, we repeated this approach with talented female artisans from Peru. Each artisan requires one day to embroider two pairs of our hand-made Alpaca shoes."

Color: available in green and blue.

Size Heels: 9 cm.

Material: Alpaca carpet, Pima Cotton, leather.

Behind the brand

Cornelio Borda

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