My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf
My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf

My Mother's Wings - Micha Serraf

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Exclusive edition of 15 pieces. 

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This art photography by Micha Serraf is part of the exclusive collaboration between WLP and the digital art gallery 

My skin bares the weight of generations of trauma, violence, love, forgiveness, and wisdom. I am the product of an inextinguishable flame, the result of an untiring stamina. I will prevail as my parents did when they fled their own homes and theirs before them. My skin has been stretched, torn, shot, and spat at. Yet, although thick, it is soft and warm. So many of us are foreigners everywhere we go in the world. Raised too far away from where we were born to call it home. Born somewhere too different from where we live for us to rest. An African, yet, on earth we fight the feeling that we tress-pass. I am tired but I am happy. For my troubles are my own. And my love, victories, and blessings are worthy.

A limited edition is the fixed number of copies for one individual artwork indicating how often it exists worldwide. Each print comes with a Certification of Authenticity hand signed by the artist.


Size: 80 cm x 50 cm

Color: Black, white, grey

Material variant: Hahnemühle fine art print, photo print on alu-dibond

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Behind the brand

Micha Serraf

Micha Serraf was born and raised in Zimbabwe and fled to South Africa where he is currently based. In the mobility that has been a defining factor of his life, Micha has taken note of the behavior of themselves and other foreign nationals in their navigation of post-apartheid South Africa. They are acutely aware of the safest shape they need to take on to survive particular contexts. This fluid presentation of self and the ability to be malleable are tactics used to access acceptance and camouflage. In this exposure to several ways of existing, Micha has experienced and observed a variety of gender norms, enactments, and ideologies.

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