Gradient Baskets - Set of 3 by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
Gradient Baskets - Set of 3 by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
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By Mexican foundation Ensamble Artesano, crafted by artisans in Magdalena Peñasco, Oaxaca and designed by Mexican design brand Tekiti. 

The Gradient Baskets come as a set of 3 and are woven by the hands of 7 artisan women from the Magdalena Peñasco community, in the Sierra Mixteca of Oaxaca. The set is made up of 3 baskets with a square base and a round top finish, where the base starts in natural green and gradually changes to the natural beige color of the palm in the upper half. The Gradient Baskets pay tribute to the natural colors of the palm that are manually classified from palm to palm, separating their tones to later be woven. These baskets fit one inside the other and can be used for home storage or as planters.

Small basket: 17 cm in diameter x 17 cm in height
Medium basket: 20 cm in diameter x 20 cm in height
Large basket: 23 cm in diameter x 23 cm in height

Color: Beige, taupe

Materials : Mixtec palm

It is recommended to clean with a damp cloth and allow to dry thoroughly before using or storing.

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Ensamble Artesano is a non-profit platform, designed as a space for exchange and collaboration to combat the economic uncertainty for artisans in Mexico precipitated by the pandemic. Today, it supports more than three thousand artisans across 22 states in Mexico, in partnership with 83 organizations. It has evolved into an important hub, forging collaborative networks to strengthen the craft sector.

Their objective, in addition to preserving and celebrating artisan creation as well as promoting innovation in traditional design, is to give recognition and reinforce the maintenance of formal and fair value chains that have created horizontal work links and that guarantee a source of income for indigenous and rural communities in Mexico.