Shimenava Earrings by Pichulik at White Label Project
Shimenava Earrings by Pichulik at White Label Project
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By the South African design studio Pichulik handmade in Cape Town.

Wear the essence of Shimenawa with these earrings crafted at Pichulik's jewelry workshop. Shimenawa, the twisted ropes used to demarcate sacred spaces in Shintoism, serve as a symbol of protection and celebration for the places you inhabit. These handmade jewelry pieces are designed to ward off that which does not honor you.

Pichulik, an ethical jewelry and accessories atelier based in Cape Town, South Africa, is deeply rooted in Africa. Our designs draw inspiration from ancient traditions and cultures worldwide, intentionally imparting sacred feminine wisdom. Ideal for jewelry buyers seeking both style and meaningful connections, Shimenawa offers a unique and intentional design that resonates with cultural richness. Elevate your look with these symbolic earrings embodying the spirit of protection and wisdom.

Size: Weight 12 gr, length 9 cm

Color: Beige and black, gold

Material: Brass studs with titanium pins embellished with braided rope and brass caps

Gently polish with a soft cloth or with special brass cleaning products to bring back to the bright and soft color.

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Meet Pichulik

Pichulik is a South African brand for handcrafted jewelry. The Cape-Town-based brand was founded by Katherine-Mary Pichulik in 2012.

All their materials are sourced within Africa while the design pieces are made in Woodstock, Cape Town. The iconic ropes, made by local crafters, are combined with signature stones from across the African continent to create unique and elegant jewels.

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