Dolores Ring by Curadox at White Label Project
Dolores Ring by Curadox at White Label Project

Dolores Ring

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By Mexican jewelry brand CuradoX by Marina Hernandez.

Indulge in the unique, handcrafted jewelry by Marina in her Mexico-based design studio. Crafted from 14k gold-plated and pure recycled silver sourced from used X-ray plates and photographic film, each piece reflects the essence of Marina's artistry. Shaped by her hands and inspired by the women in her ancestry, these creations are named after admirable women, creating a personal connection for the wearer. Marina's jewelry workshop blends innovation with handmade jewelry gold, offering pieces that become a timeless homage to heritage. Explore the distinctive allure of Marina's designs and embrace a connection to the past.

Labradorite - The Martina

Derived from the spirit of Martina Duque, this ring set draws inspiration from her essence. Labradorites, believed to impart life-giving energy to the soul, symbolize Martina's determination and her ability to channel energy towards achieving her desires.

Moonstone - The Clara:

Introducing the Clara Ring, a tribute to the multifaceted Clara Perez Andujar. As a skilled musician and engineer, Clara has been a cherished friend for over a decade, a connection formed by fate in a foreign land during a time away from home. The chosen stone embodies qualities of delicacy, transparency, boldness, and femininity.

Green - The Agnes

Meet the Agnes Ring, a homage to the inspiring Ines Moreno. Just like the Green Jade, this ring is a symbolic amulet for good luck, mirroring Ines as a talisman for welcoming abundance. Much like the stone's attributes of sublime peace and well-being, being around Ines evokes a similar sense of tranquility and contentment.

Turquoise - The Remedios 

The Remedios Ring pays tribute to the legendary Remedios Varo, a source of deep admiration in Marina's family's history. Her grandfather, with a discerning eye for art, encountered Remedios in a Coyoacán gallery. Despite all pieces being sold, he persuaded Remedios to create a special piece for Marina's grandmother, who was pregnant with Marina's father at the time. This request resulted in the iconic Creation of The Birds, a personal favorite. The chosen stone for this ring connects to the realm of dreams and my cherished past.

Size: 6, 7, 8, 9

Color variants: Martina / Labradorite — Multicolor Shimmers / Blue, Remedios— Turquoise, The Agnes / Green Jade, Clara — Moonstone — White

Material: Pure recycled silver

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Meet Curadox

Curado X is a project by Marina Hernandez based in Mexico City, known for its jewelry design and way of crafting. With a core based on admiration and respect for Mother Nature, Curado X demonstrates it by sourcing recycled silver from X-ray plates and photographic film. Hernandez's talent and heritage mold each piece.

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