Allpa is a Peru-based knitwear and home decor brand founded by Nelly Canepa & Maria del Carmen de la Fuente. Allpa, a proud member of the World Fair Trade Organization, embraces the 10 Fair Trade principles, ensuring justice and empowerment for its skilled artisans. Collaborating closely with these artisans, Allpa designs exclusive, high-quality products, innovating in equipment and processes to elevate workshops for global success.

At the heart of Allpa's mission is the commitment to sharing artisans' stories, allowing clients to connect with the craftsmanship behind each piece. With a focus on innovation and ongoing support for artisans in management, Allpa invites customers to join in creating a better world through conscious consumerism, one unique product at a time.

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    Meet Nelly Canepa & Maria del Carmen de la Fuente

    Nelly Canepa and Maria del Carmen de la Fuente, sociologists hailing from Lima, embarked on this venture driven by their love for Peruvian pottery, textiles, and diverse crafts encountered during their travels across various regions of Peru.

    Despite the passage of years, their passion for the craft remains steadfast. Their work extends beyond designing exquisite objects; it involves nurturing skills within their team and collaborating closely with artisans to build capacities and foster sustainable craftsmanship.

    Alpaca Blanket - Brown/Beige by Allpa at White Label Project

    Story & Highlights

    FOUNDERS: Nelly Canepa & Maria del Carmen de la Fuente

    TEAM: Employees in Lima & Artisans across Peru

    LOCATION: Lima, Peru

    MATERIALS: Alpaca, Baby alpaca

    Collaborating with skilled artisans, Allpa establishes associations to work closely in workshops, designing and developing exclusive, high-quality products. Allpa's vision is to elevate these workshops, enabling them to successfully enter the global market. Going beyond products, Allpa shares the compelling stories of artisans with clients, emphasizing the unique experience of purchasing products made in Peru.

    Navigating the challenge of creating new products in a saturated market, Allpa seeks novelty, aiming to surprise clients while ensuring artisans are on board. This involves a delicate balance of quality and price for successful sales. The team at Allpa maintains a dedicated focus on innovation and provides substantial support to artisans in various management aspects.

    Alpaca is at the core of Allpa's collections. Alpaca breeding is a lifeline for Andean families, providing fleece, hide, fur, meat, and more. Mills transform alpaca fleece into quality yarns, with innovative shearing methods benefiting both animals and breeders. The global demand for alpaca yarn opens opportunities for Andean communities, creating jobs and improving lives. Allpa, a certified fair-trade company, contributes to this growth by producing high-quality alpaca products each season.