Stool Guajira Cósmica - flor

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The Guajira Cósmica Collection has been designed by Atlas, a Colombian design brand by Mariana Vieira.

Each textile is handmade by the Wayuu Iwouya indigenous communities from La Guajira in Colombia using the traditional technique of "tapiz gualdrapa". The collection has been inspired by the geometric figures of nature - plants and animals - as well as the cosmology of the Wayuu communities. 

    With every purchase you directly contribute to the development of the Wayuu communities behind each product.

    This stool is made to order. Hence, textile design and height of wooden part as well as dimensions of the stool can be altered based on preferences. Just Email us with your specifications:

    Size: 35 cm x 40 cm 

    Colors: black, grey, light red, light blue, beige, brown, dark blue, yellow, eggshell white, light green, rosé as a ground colour


    • Upper part: tapestry out of cotton handmade by the Wayuu Iwouya
    • Middle part: metal 
    • Lower part: solid wood from the rosy trumpet tree

    Stool Guajira Cósmica - flor

    Stool Guajira Cósmica - flor

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