Norogachi Earrings - brown/blue
Norogachi Earrings - brown/blue

Norogachi Earrings - brown/blue

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By Mexican foundation Ensamble Artesano, crafted by the Raramuri artisan women and designed by the Red Binacional Niu Matat Napawika.

The Norogachi Earrings are woven with two needles by the Raramuri artisan women belonging to ESMAS (Empresas Sociales de Mujeres Artesanas): Social Enterprises of Artisan Women.

The women crafters are from Semati Koroka, from the community of Norogachi, in the municipality of Guachochi, Chihuahua, in the Sierra Tarahumara. 

Size: Length 7 cm, width 3 cm

Color variants: Brown & light blue, lime green & brown

Material: Beads

Care: Use wet wipes or a damp cloth to clean, followed by a dry cloth or jewellery polishing/ micro fiber cloth. Avoid pulling earrings. 


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