Maguey Hoops Rust/White

Maguey Hoops Rust/White

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By Colombian fashion brand Mola Sasa.

Crafted by the Kuna Women in Colombia, the Double Maguey Hoops earrings have been hand-woven with Maguey (agave plant) fiber by Kankuamo women of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

The Maguey family continues to grow. This new open version of our coveted hoops mixes two tones of fibers in a chromatic scale and has a medium, circular shape that’s surprisingly lightweight. Each piece is individually hand-wrapped by local artisan women of the Kankuamo community in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. This pair is woven with rust and apricot naturally dyed “Maguey” fiber.


Diameter: 2.4 In  Thickness: 0.4 In 

Diameter: 6 Cm  Thickness: 1 Cm


Maguey Hoops

Rust, Apricot


Maguey, Metal 


Each Piece Is Individually Hand-Wrapped With Natural Maguey (Agave Plant) Fiber By Local Artisan Women Of The Kankuamo Community In The Sierra Nevada De Santa Marta And Finished With Lustrous And Delicate Mini Gold Hoops


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