Loungewear Black - Robe
Loungewear Black - Robe
Loungewear Black - Robe

Loungewear Black - Robe

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This Loungewear collection has been created collaboratively by Pari Pari and Rosko from India under their joint brand Lagom and is made from sustainably sourced fibers. The Black Robe is made from 100% rose fibers.

The rose petal fiber is a cellulose fiber, extracted from the natural waste of rose petals and rose bushes. The fiber is stripped and processed to create a lustrous and soft spinning fiber, similar to silk. It’s light, breathable, and perfect for hot + sticky conditions.

Each robe comes with a bag made from 100% certified by the Better Cotton Initiative. The Better Cotton Initiative focuses on sustainable production practices by engaging with farmers on a grassroots level making it better for the environment as well as their community. 

The cotton used is structured, textured, durable but soft, and easy to maintain.

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