Loungewear Gibbous — Long Pants
Loungewear Gibbous — Long Pants
Loungewear Gibbous — Long Pants

Loungewear Gibbous — Long Pants

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This Loungewear collection has been created collaboratively by Pari Pari and Rosko from India under their joint brand Lagom and is made from sustainably sourced fibers. The Long Pants are made from 100% lotus silk. 

Lotus silk is innately soft and lustrous. The silhouettes are designed to aid the fluidity of the fabric. Our pieces will take on many roles just as you do throughout the day. They are meant to become your to-go.

Lotus fiber is obtained by slicing the stems of the lotus and extracting the fiber from the center. These are then washed and hung to dry before being spun into yarn. The process turns natural waste into a fabric that falls impeccably. The tradition of transforming this natural waste into fabrics has existed in South East Asian countries for centuries. The yarn for the fabric we use is imported from Indonesia and woven in Kanpur, India.

Size: XL-ish, XXL-ish, XXXL-ish.

Material: 100% lotus fiber.

Fit: Mid-rise. Flowy, straight fall.

Color: Light blue, white.

Care: Machine wash at or below 30° Celsius with mild soap. Iron lightly on a 'Silk' setting or steam to remove creases before wear. Do not bleach. Line dry away from the sun. Do not tumble dry.

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