Plate — Freedom Square
Plate — Freedom Square

Plate — Freedom Square

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Made to order 3-4 weeks.

By Ukrainian lifestyle brand Gunia Project.

"Ukraine is fighting for its peaceful life and prosperity. We believe that it’s always darkest before dawn. And after every nightmare comes the light. Very soon Ukrainians will be able to wake up in the morning, meet and hug their loved ones, and rebuild our country. The strength of Ukraine will be admired and talked about!"

This piece is packed in exclusive reusable cotton shopper

Size: 25 cm diameter

Material: handmade and hand-painted semi-porcelain.

Care: Avoid abrasive soaps and cleaning sponges and detergents containing citrus scents or additives. Pieces with gold accents are not suitable for microwaving. When storing, stack carefully to avoid scratches in the gold finish. Hit or fall can cause damage to the product.

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