Limo Cantarito by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
Limo Cantarito by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
Limo Cantarito by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project
Limo Cantarito by Ensamble Artesano at White Label Project

Limo Cantarito

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By Mexican foundation Ensamble Artesano, crafted by women artisans in Tonalá, Jalisco and designed in collaboration with Mexican design brand Estudio Pomelo.

The Limo Cantarito honors the ancient tradition of offering a glass of water. Made using the traditional technique of burnished clay, the Cantarito transmits the flavor of the earth to the water and maintains it fresh. 

To define the shape, the traditional silhouette of the pitcher from Tonalá was selected, modifying the proportions and adding a three-legged base, to raise it from the table and allow the air to embrace it. The Cantarito includes a glass to serve water. 

Size: 18 x 25,5 cm; 1,300 ml.

Color: Raw clay

Material: Burnished Clay

Cure the piece before its first use to seal the pores. Place the piece in a container, cover it with water until it is completely submerged, and leave it to act for 24h. Dry with a cloth. Wash with water and a little liquid-neutral soap, using a soft sponge, and dry with a cotton cloth. To keep the appearance of the products in good condition, we suggest not using chemical products, polishes, or abrasive materials such as sponges or metal scourers.

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Meet Ensamble Artesano

Ensamble Artesano is a non-profit platform, designed as a space for exchange and collaboration to combat the economic uncertainty for artisans in Mexico precipitated by the pandemic. Today, it supports more than three thousand artisans across 22 states in Mexico, in partnership with 83 organizations. It has evolved into an important hub, forging collaborative networks to strengthen the craft sector.

Their objective, in addition to preserving and celebrating artisan creation as well as promoting innovation in traditional design, is to give recognition and reinforce the maintenance of formal and fair value chains that have created horizontal work links and that guarantee a source of income for indigenous and rural communities in Mexico.

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